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Magento focused

We focus solely on Magento. It has proven itself time and again as the best eCommerce platform available today. Therefore it was an easy decision to hone our skills on Magento instead of trying to play Jack-of-all-trades on various platforms.

Security First

It is easy to expose your business to risks in eCommerce. Our team is familiar with US, Canadian and EU laws and compliance. But we go beyond this. Our Prime Directive—”Do all in our power to minimize the risks to our clients eCommerce offering”

Mobile Commerce

Commerce as we know it is quickly making a rapid shift to mobile devices at an unprecedented rate. Magento eCommerce consulting is no longer about just websites. We aim to make sure Mobile is an integral part of your system.


From the start

Very few developers have had more than two years experience with Magento. Ours have been working solely with Magento almost since it’s inception in 2008 making them among the world’s experts.

Industry Relations

Our team has worked with many of the players in the Magento ecosystem that provide additional functionality to your store. From customer loyalty to dropshipping we know how to get you there on Magento.

Growing Online commerce

It is easy to get swamped in all the steps needed just in getting your online store up and running, however we never lose sight of the real goal which is to grow your business online!

We build businesses, not websites

Your eCommerce system is not a sales channel, nor a web application and it is definitely not a website! All these are descriptive parts of an whole system—a system built of many different, yet powerful working parts which need to abide by legal and technical requirements. The way we see it, recognizing the true nature of eCommerce is the only way to achieve a successful system that is geared towards your business growth. We put the same effort into the fine details of your eCommerce system as you have put into building your business because without that attention to detail, eCommerce becomes a liability to your business rather than a opportunity for growth.

Enterprise level eCommerce

Magento Enterprise Edition serves a few important needs. For us the most important advantage is that it gives you a single coherent system that is geared to growing your business online as opposed to just having a “web-presence”. Take a look at our portfolio for examples of our Magento Enterprise integrations.